Baking with Dually & Litty

On the special day of love and friendship Dually and Litty want to surprise each other by exchanging a delicious dessert. Help them cook cupcakes or cookies so they can enjoy them on their date on February 14.

General Rules


  1. The competition begins on the server save of February 9, 2024, and entries will be accepted until the server save of March 7, 2024 (10:00 CET).

  2. Your mission will be to bake and decorate (YOURSELF) cupcakes or cookies as you prefer with a Valentine's and Tibia theme.

  3. There is no limit to the number of cupcakes or cookies you decide to submit as an entree.

  4. You must use at least 4 ingredients that exist within Tibia.
    Example: Cherry, Chocolate Bar, apples, milk, etc
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  6. The use of edible prints in your decoration is not permitted.

  7. The final product must be completely edible, meaning that you will not be able to use plastic decorations, printed on paper, 3D prints, etc.

  8. Your entry may not contain images of explicit violence, sexual nature or racist content.

  9. Entries must be posted in the "entradas-entry" channel of the Tibia Duality Discord

  10. You must upload ONLY 3 photos of the process and 2 photos of the final product, that is, 5 photos in total for your entry to be valid (please avoid more photos than the required amount). Optionally, you can record a video showing your entry.

  11. In the photos of the process, the 4 Tibia ingredients that you have chosen for your preparation should be visible.

  12. In the 5 photos a HANDMADE sign must be present with the phrase: "Baking with Dually & Litty - Tibia Duality 2024" (Please DO NOT INCLUDE your character's name.) br>
  13. Your discord entry must contain:
    a) Name of your character
    b) Server
    c) The name of the 4 Tibia ingredients that you've used.
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  15. You can display your cupcakes or cookies any way you want, however the setting will not be taken into account when grading.

  16. You can participate with multiple entries if you like, but you can only win 1 prize.

  17. Tibia Duality staff are not allowed to participate in this contest.

  18. The Tibia Duality administrator will react with an Emoji on the entries, up to 1 day before the contest deadline. This way participants will be able to know if their participation was accepted or not, and the reason.

  19. Entries that do not comply with all of the rules mentioned before will not be accepted, without exception

  20. ______________________________________

    REMEMBER: Your entry must be made by you and be exclusively for the Tibia Duality contest.

    IMPORTANT: Tibia Duality reserves the right to disqualify participants in case of plagiarism, copying, purchase of the product or any other suspicion of non-compliance with the rules.


    Examples That You Can Take As Inspiration

Pinterest Gallery


The Tibia Duality staff will select 10 semi-finalists to send them to the Admin Forum of different Fansites, there they will vote to choose the 5 finalists who will later be sent to the Cipsoft Community Managers (CM's) who will be in charge of selecting the top 3 of winners..

    What are we going to rate?

  1. The creativity and originality of your dessert.

  2. The aesthetics in the final presentation.

  3. Fulfillment of the rules mentioned above.

Remember that to choose the winners, your dessert will be evaluated in 3 different voting stages by more than 10 or 15 people in total, each of them with different tastes and/or preferences.


    First Place: Golden Trophy of Excellence + Duality Doll .

    Second Place: Silver Trophy of Excellence + Yellow Rose .

    Third Place: Bronze Trophy of Excellence + Shrunken Head Necklace + Golden Rune Emblem of your choice + Strawberry Cupcake + Lemon Cupcake + Blueberry Cupcake .