In Tibia Duality we will test your skills in our new contest, your mission will be to find 3 characters with a time limit using the spell “Find Person” (exiva).

The contest will be held bimonthly with a duration of 6 months, in total there will be 3 contests in which you can participate and collect points. These will be held on: January - March and May.

All of this will be on the server Astera (optional-pvp), the places where you will have to search will be easily accessible to a level 8 character.

Recommendations: We advise you to equip yourself with a stealth ring, shovel, rope, pick and/or any other type of item that you consider necessary to participate in the event, so you wouldn’t have any inconveniences or surprises during the contests.

To know more about the rules and how to participate click on the picture of the month of MAY.

Registered Players

Main Char Astera Char January March May Total
Aeterna Anima AstraFinding Unity0000
Alyn TauradmoonNyan Nyan Nyan1113
Anne FearlessAnita Astera1102
ArcaiAstera Cat1113
BugadiinhaBugadiinha Astera1113
BugadiinhoBugadiinho Astera1113
CesarioCesario Astera0000
Chelito FightoChelito on Astera0202
Dejajow BombaumKain Urez1001
Eduu SantosGenesis Isback0112
El ShadaiShadai Astera0022
Essie InvencivelEssie da Sorte2002
ExxgardRani The Witch1001
FilemonaAstera Woman0000
Geraldo sem PavorVidocq0101
Gunnar RagnarssonGunnar on Astera2002
Helena ZabojcaBrunoc Astera1001
IdiossincrasiaEncontrei Voce0101
Joe BadgermanJoe Foreignerman0101
Juam bruhoCharongonguin0000
Katniss JawxExivando Ando0101
KelterusKelterus on Astera0000
Kon BlitzKon Astera0101
LibiLibi on Astera2316
LindtySauron the Grand0000
Litana LightsCosittabeiiaa0101
Lizzy QueenLizzyqueen paseando1113
Lula PetitLulastera0235
Magico MagoMagico Traveler1113
Mix boariusMix Rulspivaa0101
Nohelle KnightTheekiing0000
Ortens AstoriesOrtens Duality2002
Ramona ToledoRararamoo1113
Saith OldWil Astr2226
SangrarasEsme Exiveadorrsita1124
Shyceel On ScreennShyceel Buscador1102
SinsirSinsir Druid1001
WeprsithaLili Astera1113
Young PubusVolderha Edion0000